National Policy

The latest congressional bill that has been introduced is the Viral Hepatitis and Liver Cancer Control and Prevention Act of 2009 (HR 3974).

This bill now has 27 co-sponsors in Congress. We are aiming for 100 co-sponsors by World Hepatitis Day, May 19, 2010, and we need YOUR help. To find out if your representative has signed on, visit the Library of Congress.  Enter HR 3974 in the search box and then click on sponsors. If your representative has not signed on as a cosponsor, call them! For more information on how to contact your representative, see the NVHR's Call to Action.  The bill has not yet been introduced in the Senate.

For past bills, the Library of Congress has an up-to-date searchable database of legislation introduced to Congress.  These are some policies that have been introduced to Congress that relate to hepatitis B:

  • H.R.179: Community AIDS and Hepatitis Prevention Act. Introduced by Rep. Jose Serrano, 111th Congress.
  • H.R.1128: Liver Research Enhancement Act of 2009. Introduced by Rep. Stephen Lynch, 111th Congress.
  • H.R.3944: National Hepatitis B Act. Introduced by Rep. Michael Honda, 110th Congress.

Policy Recommendations

Hepatitis and Liver Cancer: A National Strategy for Prevention and Control of Hepatitis B and C: In January 2010, the Institute of Medicine released this report onlining the resources and actions needed to address the unusually high burden of liver cancer and hepatitis B among Asian Americans and other vulnerable populations. It serves as a powerful call to action for legislators at the local, state and national level and can be used by advocates in any affected community.

Goals & Strategies to Address Chronic Hepatitis B: In 2006, the Office of Minority Health's National Taskforce on Hepatitis B Expert Panel: Focus on Asian Americans and Native Hawaiians & Pacific Islanders released this national action agenda to eliminate hepatitis B-related disparities in the AAPI communities.

Chronic Viral Hepatitis and Health Care Reform: The National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable (NVHR) created this document which outlines the basic health care needs of individuals with chronic hepatitis infection.  It was developed by the NVHR Health Care Reform Subcommittee, including NVHR members, steering committee members, and partners representing the hepatitis B and C communities. The document is being circulated to various committees involved with health care reform at the federal level in response to the urgent need to insert chronic viral hepatitis dialogue into the current health care reform discussion. This document can provide a foundation for future advocacy work.