Understanding the Community

Understanding the Community

The B Free CEED is engaged in multiple activities that will provide a better understanding of the knowledge and impact of hepatitis B in Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) populations across the U.S. Locally, B Free CEED is focusing on the Korean and Chinese communities in the New York metropolitan area. Innovative, evidence-based approaches to educating, targeting and reducing the hepatitis B-related disparities affecting the health of AAPIs will be developed locally and applied nationally. Outreach and dissemination will occur through partnerships formed with local and national agencies, community organizations, provider groups and community health centers across the U.S. and through awarded B Free CEED Legacy pilot projects.

Currently, B Free CEED is engaged in activities to elicit basic knowledge of hepatitis B, identify the preferred sources and methods for receiving health information, assess the ongoing Asian American Hepatitis B Program (AAHBP)/B Free NYC comprehensive screening program, and collect formative data for our future social marketing campaign to raise awareness and encourage screening and vaccination for hepatitis B among Korean and Chinese communities living in the New York metropolitan area.

For more on AAHBP's screening projects in the AAPI communities in NYC, as well as the impact of HBV on AAPIs in NYC, please read their MMWR article.

Community Survey
B Free CEED has been conducting street intercept and venue-based surveys in the Chinese and Korean communities in New York City. A community-based participatory approach has guided all aspects of the process. Survey locations were identified in collaboration with community partners and environmental scans of the area were conducted. The survey instrument which was developed with the input of all coalition members queries on topic areas including accessed sources of health information and reliability of the sources, basic knowledge and awareness of hepatitis B, and awareness and assessment of existing hepatitis B campaigns.

Please read the brief about our community survey data.

Focus Groups
B Free CEED has also been conducting a series of focus groups in the Chinese and Korean communities in New York City. The objective of these focus groups is to elicit in-depth, comprehensive information to contexualize the data collected from the surveys and to gather information to inform the social marketing message to raise awareness about hepatitis B.
B Free CEED is conducting a photovoice project to better understand the different perspectives on hepatitis B in the AAPI communities from all groups with a stake in the health issue. Groups who will participate in the project include community members, hepatitis B researchers, community leaders and members from community-based organizations, community members who are chronically infected with hepatitis B, policy makers, and health providers. Photovoice is a unique method that gives insight into a community's understanding of the issue being studied. Participants in this project will be given the opportunity to document their personal experiences about hepatitis B in the AAPI community using the visual medium of photographs.