REACH US TA Workshop 2009 - Oral Presentation

Developing a Partnership Evaluation for B Free CEED: A Coalition to Eliminate Hepatitis B Disparities among Asian Pacific Islanders

Purpose of Presentation: The presentation will provide an overview of the mixed-methods annual partnership evaluation plan for the B Free National Center of Excellence in the Elimination of Health Disparities (B Free CEED), a national resource and expert center in the elimination of hepatitis B disparities among Asian and Pacific Islanders with partners from universities, community-based organizations, hospital groups, and government organizations.  Community-based participatory research (CBPR) is considered a best practice; however, evaluation tools to measure the operalization of CBPR principles following the coalition formation are scarce. In Year 1, 7 community partners and 7 academic partners have completed surveys and key informant interviews.  Recognizing the unique and distinct contributions of each partner, B Free CEED is committed to annually evaluating the partnership to ensure the participation of all partners.  

Learning Objectives: The presentation will focus on the creation and operation of a plan to evaluate the CBPR partnership. Particular emphasis will be given to the mixed-methods data collection tools that are being operationalized in the annual assessment. A discussion on how the results will be used to improve the partnership infrastructure will be presented

Lessons Learned: The evaluation will help to identify gaps in communication between partners, particularly clarifying roles and responsibilities to reaching B Free CEED goals.  The results will contribute to ongoing improvements to strengthen the coalition as well as to refining activities to ensure the success of goals and activities.


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