Hepatitis B: What You Need to Know (Chinese/English)

Publication Type  Brochures
Year of Publication  2005
Authors  Asian American Hepatitis B Program
Publication Language  Chinese
Subgroup  Chinese
Target Audience  General Audience
Message  General Information, Screening/Vaccination
Distributor  Non-Profits
Abstract  B Free CEED partner, the Asian American Hepatitis B Program (AAHBP), created a general HBV information brochure to promote screening and vaccination. The brochures are bilingual and are available in Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese. More information on AAHBP is available here: http://hepnet.med.nyu.edu/aahbp/index.html
URL  http://hepnet.med.nyu.edu/aahbp/documents/brochure_chinese.pdf