Principles of Community Engagement - Second Edition

Publication Type  CBPR Toolkits
Year of Publication  2011
Authors  CDC; NIH; CTSA
Publication Language  English
Target Audience  Health Care Providers, Community Members, Researchers
Distributor  NIH
Abstract  This primer can serve as a guide for understanding the principles of commu­nity engagement for those who are developing or implementing a community engagement plan, or it can be a resource for students or faculty. Community processes can be complex and labor-intensive, and they require dedicated resources such as time, funding, and people with the necessary skills. Leaders everywhere are struggling with how to make the right choices as they try to improve health care services and promote individual and population health. Readers of this primer may find that a fuller understanding of community engagement will facilitate and promote its use and thus advance the health of all of our communities.
Key Words  CBPR; Community Engagement