American Cancer Society (ACS) and Edison, NJ Department of Health and Human Services

Edison’s current population is composed of approximately 30% Asians, making it the second largest Asian population by locality in New Jersey. The need for a comprehensive hepatitis B program to serve this large Asian population has been identified.
Legacy Pilot Project: Developing an HBV Screening Program in Edison, NJ
ACS and the Edison NJ DHHS built a local infrastructure and capacity within Edison for the initiation of an HBV screening program. They identified stakeholders within the community, collected socio-demographic data and conducted a resource needs assessment among Asians in Edison to inform the feasibility of such a program, and to develop an action plan. The knowledge gained from this project is useful in designing and implementing similar programs in communities with emerging Asian populations. Read more about the launch of the B Free Edison Action Coalition for Hepatitis B Prevention here.

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