Korean Community Services of Metropolitan New York, Inc. (KCS)

KCS's mission is to develop and deliver a broad range of services to meet the various needs of the community. KCS helps low-income Korean American individuals and families address critical needs, solve complex problems and adapt to a new cultural, economic and social environment.

Legacy Pilot Project: Social Marketing Evaluation and Bergen County, NJ Infrastructure Development

As a follow-up to their Year 1 Legacy pilot, KCS evaluated the impact of their hepatitis B social marketing campaign by assessing the messaging and the channel of delivery, and exploring the use of other dissemination channels, specifically, the use of Korean language websites and social network portals as a means to disseminate health and hepatitis B education and outreach. Lessons learned around community-based outreach and education were applied to expand hepatitis B-related activities and outreach to the rapidly growing Korean population in Bergen County, NJ.

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