Chang Ai Media Project (CAMP)

CAMP is an independent, New York-based media production company that has extensively produced public-health messages in China via film, television and the Internet. CAMP created the first major AIDS public awareness campaign aired on Chinese television and is currently working with China’s Ministry of Health and other partners to develop public service announcements encouraging hepatitis B screening and vaccination.

Legacy Pilot Project: A Cross-Cultural Approach to Public Service Announcement Planning to Promote Screening for Hepatitis B in New York City
Given the high mobility and frequency of cross country travel of the Chinese immigrant population in NYC, this pilot project tested the feasibility of developing a public service announcement to encourage hepatitis B vaccination for a Chinese audience in China that would also translate to a Chinese immigrant population living in NYC. CAMP provided guidance, consultation, and coordination to ensure that the messaging would have a cross-cultural appeal to both audiences.

View a PSA created by CAMP to promote hepatitis B vaccination in China.

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