Asian American Health Coalition of Greater Houston, Inc.

Free screenings and low cost vaccinations at HOPE ClinicThe Asian American Health Coalition of Houston (AAHC), Inc., established the HOPE Clinic in 2001 to provide culturally appropriate health services to one of the largest and fastest growing Asian populations in the United States. In 2008, AAHC HOPE Clinic received Federally Qualified Community Health Center Look Alike status, enabling the center to access state issued vaccines and resources to help the uninsured and underinsured in the Greater Houston Area. The mission of AAHC HOPE Clinic is “to provide quality health care programs and services to all people without any prejudice in the greater Houston area in a culturally and linguistically competent manner.”

Project Title: Reducing the Burden of Hepatitis B in the Houston Asian American Community

AAHC-HOPE Clinic raised community and organizational capacity for hepatitis B education and outreach in the Asian American community in Houston, TX. A city-wide strategic plan was developed with the goal to adopt and implement the comprehensive program to raise awareness about hepatitis B.
The project’s main goal is to reduce the burden of hepatitis B in the Houston Asian American community by developing a comprehensive program that includes outreach and education, free or low cost screening and vaccination, follow-up care and treatment services.

AimsPartnering with 
Gilead Sciences to raise awareness of hepatitis B

  • Establish a hepatitis B advisory council composed of all key stakeholders in the Houston area, including community leaders, researchers and health care providers
  • Develop a strategic plan on how to jointly address the hepatitis B epidemic in the Asian community in Houston
  • Secure sustainability through additional funding for the hepatitis B project from local and national foundations
  • Secure support for the hepatitis B project from local and state government
  • Create and support programs that provide awareness of hepatitis B in the Asian community
  • Reduce barriers to health care access for hepatitis B patients and families
  • Increase hepatitis B awareness through outreach, education and collaboration
  • Create a part time project coordinator role for outreach and educational activities, interagency coordination and planning and fund seeking
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