World Hepatitis Day 2012 Announced Through Community Events Across New York City

July 28, 2012

To celebrate this year’s World Hepatitis Day (WHD), members of the NYC Hepatitis B Coalition and NYC Hepatitis C Task Force organized a two-part awareness event on Saturday, July 28, 2012. 

Part one of the campaign took place across four out of five New York City boroughs (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens).  At 10:30AM, almost 70 volunteers wearing WHD awareness T-shirts gathered at respective meeting locations: Planet Fitness in the Bronx, Brooklyn Central Library in Brooklyn, Flushing Library in Queens, and Charles B. Wang Community Health Center in Manhattan.  For more than two hours, volunteers walked through busy neighborhoods with signs and posters, while shouting slogans such as “Love your liver,” “World Hepatitis Day,” and “Get tested for Hepatitis B & C, there are no symptoms!”  Groups of volunteers stopped at street corners to form freeze mobs, give out handouts and answer questions. All gathered much attention from local residents and people walking on the streets, many of whom stopped to look at the signs and took handouts.

Part two of the event started around 1:30PM at the Union Square Park in Manhattan.   In an attempt for the Guinness World Record for most number of people performing the “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” gestures in 24 hours, about 100 volunteers performed all three gestures and held signs about viral hepatitis, signifying the lack of awareness of viral hepatitis among the general public.