World Hepatitis Alliance Announces Plans for 2010

October 08, 2009

The World Hepatitis Alliance (WHA) is pleased to announce the final plans for World Hepatitis Day 2010, including a new disease-awareness campaign ‘This is hepatitis…’

The ‘This is hepatitis…’ campaign has been created specifically to enable patient groups to develop their own national and local plans, and the new theme is designed to support the existing ‘Am I Number 12?’ campaign which continues to be used around the world as part of awareness-raising initiatives.  ‘This is hepatitis…’ will for the first time tell the global human story of what viral hepatitis actually means – communicated by the people most closely affected by the diseases to generate increased understanding among the general public.
The attached plan provides an overview of the full 2010 World Hepatitis Alliance campaign, including activities aimed at:

  • Raising global disease awareness
  • Driving global policy change
  • Providing WHA members groups with global support 

Securing a WHO resolution
A major part of the 2010 campaign is focused on supporting a WHO resolution on viral hepatitis, which itself represents the best chance for global agreement on a coordinated approach that will deliver real improvements in hepatitis awareness, prevention, treatment and support.  Amongst other things the WHA will be developing a WHO lobbying toolkit that will encourage, inform and enable patient groups to engage with their governments. 

Working together we can secure a WHO resolution on viral hepatitis!

If you have any questions regarding the 2010 campaign please contact, but in the meantime look out for additional e-alerts with new materials and campaign updates over the coming weeks.

World Hepatitis Alliance Board

Charles Gore
The Hepatitis C Trust (UK)

Australasia region
Helen Tyrrell
Hepatitis Australia (Australia)

Latin America region
Carlos Varaldo
Group Otimismo (Brazil)

Eastern Med/Africa region
Abdelhamid Bouallag
SOS Hépatites (Algeria)

Europe region
Achim Kautz
Deutsche Leberhilfe (Germany)

North America region
Chris Taylor

Western Pacific region
Zhao Wang
Chinese Foundation for Hepatitis Prevention and Control (China)