"Reinvesting in Our Communities for Health Equity": 5th Annual Asian American Health Conference - Call for Abstracts Due June 9

May 28, 2009

The NYU Center for the Study of Asian American Health is currently seeking abstracts for the 5th Annual Asian American Health Conference to be held in New York City from October 8-9, 2009. In this time of unprecedented economic crisis and uncertainty, people who are poor, sick, uninsured and underinsured, and who do not know how to access resources are most severely impacted by economic downturn. The theme of this year's conference, "Reinvesting in Our Communities for Health Equity" - provides an opportunity to highlight the importance of making continuous investments in our communities to address issues of inequity and provide linkages to resources for healthier communities

Topics of Interest:
We encourage submissions from students, educators, advocates, health and social services professionals, and researchers that reflect innovative programs, initiatives, or recently completed/ongoing research and advocacy efforts that pertain to the following areas in the field of Asian American and Pacific Islander (API) health:
* Leveraging resources through partnership building
As API-serving nonprofits face increasing challenges due to the economic downturn, the health of API communities is impacted disproportionately.  Given funding cuts and downsizing, how are existing resources being leveraged through partnerships?  How are we working together within and across API and other communities of color, and across sectors to reduce the impact of budget cuts in order to achieve health equity?

* Translating research to action
How have epidemiological and community-based participatory research (CBPR) findings been translated into sustainable, evidence-based practices to benefit API communities? In translating research to action, how have existing community resources and strengths been used for project implementation and sustainability? What opportunities do federal stimulus funds provide to accelerate health disparities and health equity research for API communities?

* Organizing and advocating for policy changes
How can we ensure that community-driven research and data collection is used strategically to drive policy change? How have our communities been educated and mobilized to participate in activities which can impact health policy and create systemic change? How have we held policymakers accountable for improving the health of API communities?  What examples exist to illustrate how public policies have included and recognized API communities or allowed API safety net programs to survive the economic downturn? 

* Fostering opportunities in research, training, and leadership
What strategies are being used to invest in our future generation of Asian American health leaders? How have we cultivated and engaged leaders in a variety of fields (e.g., law, health, research, and industry) to work to impact Asian American health?  What innovative models at the community level are being developed to train linguistically and culturally appropriate health workers who are on the front lines of promoting community health?

Selection Criteria
Abstracts will be evaluated on the following criteria:
* Relevance to the conference theme
* Originality and innovation
* Methodological rigor of methods and approach (e.g. use of evidence-based practices)
* Significance and broad implications across diverse API subgroups
* Clarity of presentation and use of specific examples

Learning objectives must be described (Learning Objectives WILL NOT be included in the abstract text word count). Please limit the abstract text to 250 words or less and also indicate your preference for an oral, poster, or roundtable presentation. All submissions will be considered for each of these three presentation styles.

Please complete the "call for abstracts" form http://www.med.nyu.edu/csaah/Assets/Call_for_abstracts.pdf and click "submit by email" at bottom of form. 

Submission Deadline Extended: June 9, 2009 before Midnight EST.

Please visit our website at www.med.nyu.edu/csaah for conference details and updates or email nyucsaah@gmail.com