Health Disparities Research Training Program 2009-2010 Call for Applicants - Due July 1

June 01, 2009

The Health Disparities Research Training Program (HDRTP) is designed to address training and research gaps within Asian American health. The program provides a unique opportunity for students and health professionals to develop and implement a community-based research project, as well learn strategies to analyze, compile, and disseminate results for academic and policy communities. The HDRTP is administered by the Charles B. Wang Community Health Center, located in lower Manhattan.

Training program components
Each year 6-8 health professionals and/or graduate students are invited to participate in this free program. Led by research experts, the 15-month program includes monthly seminars covering Asian American health disparities, cultural competency, research methods, evaluation, funding, and advocacy. Additionally, over the course of the program trainees will be paired with a mentor to initiate a research project. Trainees will be responsible for several written assignments, a peer-reviewed presentation and a final abstract of their research at the CSAAH annual conference. All seminars and field placements will be located in New York City.

Additional Qualifications
The HDRTP is open to any health professional or graduate student who is interested in gaining skills for conducting community-based participatory research with Asian American communities. Graduate students in medicine, public health, social work, nursing, or other health-related fields are encouraged to apply. The program also considers physicians and other allied professionals at various levels of their careers who desire to explore opportunities in research.

To be eligible for the training program, a prospective candidate must:
- Have previous experience working with Asian American communities
- Be committed to addressing disparities in Asian American health
- Have a willingness to work and learn from colleagues at varying levels of health expertise
- Have taken or is currently enrolled in graduate level health course
- Have taken or is currently enrolled in a research methods course
- Have an area of interest in mind, access to data, or means of collecting data for their research project

How to Apply:
The deadline to apply is Wednesday, July 1, 2009. Download the 2009-2010 Application. Contact Diana Zhou with any questions.