B Free CEED Year 3 Legacy Pilot Projects Request for Applications - Due August 14

June 10, 2009

The B Free CEED: National Center of Excellence in the Elimination of Hepatitis B Disparities (B Free CEED) is pleased to announce the availability of funding opportunities for their Year 3 Legacy Pilot Projects. 

B Free CEED’s mission is to serve as a national resource and expert center for the development, evaluation, and dissemination of evidence-based best practices that contribute to eliminating hepatitis B-related disparities among Asian Pacific Islanders (API).  A coalition of NYU School of Medicine and local and national agencies, B Free CEED is one of eighteen Centers of Excellence in the Elimination of Disparities funded in 2007 under the Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health Across the U.S. (REACH U.S.) program of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  Partners include Charles B. Wang Community Health Center, Korean Community Services of Metropolitan New York, Inc, American Cancer Society-Eastern Division, Asian Initiative, NYC Health and Hospital Corporation, and the Asian American Hepatitis B Program/B Free NYC. Currently, B Free CEED is developing initiatives in the New York metropolitan area, including a social marketing campaign that raises hepatitis B awareness in the Chinese and Korean communities and a collaborative care model, with the goal to disseminate these activities as best practices to other API communities across the U.S.

About the Legacy Pilot Projects
The B Free CEED is committed to allocating $500,000 to fund Legacy Pilot Projects over a five-year period to support community-based participatory research projects dedicated to eliminating hepatitis B disparities in API communities. Pilot awards range from $25,000 to $40,000 of support for a one-year period. There may be an option for additional year(s) of funding depending on demonstrated productivity and need. Grantees will have priority to access technical and consultation support of the B Free CEED coalition.  Each year, the B Free CEED will fund two to four Legacy Pilot Projects.

Who Can Apply
The call for proposals is open to all community-based organizations, coalitions, health care organizations, social service organizations, health researchers, health professionals, and community advocates who currently work on or are interested in developing activities that address hepatitis B disparities in the API communities. Organizations and coalitions interested in applying must be non-profits with a 501 (c) 3 status.  Interested applicants who are currently receiving funds through any REACH US program are NOT eligible to apply.

Activities that are eligible for funding include but are not limited to:
* Community needs assessments
* Community asset mapping
* Health impact assessments
* Conducting trainings and workshops for different stakeholders
* Initiation of relevant community-based or systems level activities
* Local start-up activities of a community coalition
* Synthesis of evidence or practice-based approaches in a specific area
* Develop or adopt culturally appropriate assessment instruments or methodologies
* Adapting B Free CEED local activities to other API groups

For Year 3 funding, we are giving special consideration to proposals that:
(1) Expand the B Free CEED social marketing campaign to other API communities, including Southeast Asian and South Asian communities;
(2) Develop targeted outreach campaigns using Web 2.0 and social media; or
(3) Identify best practices through evaluation of current hepatitis B activities

Past Legacy Pilot Projects have included capacity building and infrastructure development in Houston, Texas and Edison, New Jersey, assessing availability of hepatitis B services in small cities, and adapting B Free CEED social marketing activities in the Pacific Islander communities in Southern California and Vietnamese community in Northern Virginia.  For more information on our Projects, visit: http://bfree.med.nyu.edu/projects/legacy-projects.

The following costs will NOT be funded through the Legacy Pilot Project Grants:
* Indirect costs
* Clinical services (screening and vaccination)
* Equipment

Requirements of Legacy Pilot Project Awardees
The award period is from October 1st, 2009 to September 30th, 2010). During this one year period, Legacy Pilot Projects are required to:
* After notification of award, include any revisions to the proposal as advised by Project Manager (if needed)
* Complete a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Project Manager
* Conduct at least one conference call a month with Project Manager to provide updates
* Complete progress report tables as required by the CDC REACH US Progress Reports. These progress reports are tentatively due in April 2010 and October 2010.
* Complete a mid-year report of the Legacy Pilot Project
* Submit a copy of any materials or data produced through the Legacy Pilot Project Funding
* Complete a final report of the Legacy Pilot Project
* Complete an end of year evaluation with B Free CEED External Evaluation Team
Application Instructions
If you are interested in applying, please complete the following:
(1) Legacy Pilot Project Application (PDF, Word)
(2) Project Proposal (3-page maximum). The proposal should address the following:
     * A statement of goals and specific aims
     * Organizational capacity
     * Data collection plans and methods (if applicable)
     * Feasibility of the study
     * Sustainability beyond the one-year funding period
(3) Budget and budget justification (not included in the 3 page proposal)

Please send the application to Dr. Simona Kwon, B Free CEED Program Manager, by email at simona.kwon@nyumc.org.  If possible, please try to send the application as one PDF file. 

Because of the amount of applications we receive, please limit your application to the criteria listed above. Extra materials will not be reviewed by our Legacy Pilot Project Review Committee.  Incomplete applications will also not be considered for review.

We will be accepting applications until Friday, August 14, 2009, midnight PST.

Important Application Dates:

Any questions about the Legacy Pilot Projects should be directed to Dr. Kwon at simona.kwon@nyumc.org or 212-263-3026.