B Free CEED Year 3 Legacy Pilot Projects

October 20, 2009

B Free CEED is proud to announce the Year 3 Legacy Pilot Projects.  This year’s awardees are:

APAComMNet, Minnesota, MN
API Wellness Center, San Francisco, CA
Asian Week Foundation & San Francisco State University - Asian American Studies Department, San Francisco, CA
Guam Communications Network, Long Beach, CA
Ohio Asian American Health Coalition, Columbus, OH
Tufts Medical Center, Boston, MA

We received 34 applications from across the U.S. representing diverse organizations and ethnic groups.  Applications were reviewed by our Legacy Pilot Project Review Committee representing the B Free CEED Steering Committee and coalition, as well as local and national community and academic experts in Asian American health.

B Free CEED is looking forward to working with these organizations this coming year in helping to develop activities that contribute to eliminating hepatitis B disparities among Asian and Pacific Islanders.

We will be updating our Legacy Pilot Project section on our website with descriptions of our new Legacy Pilot Projects. Please check back soon!