B Free CEED Announces Year 2 Legacy Pilot Project Awardees

October 01, 2008

The B Free CEED is proud to announce the 5 organizations awarded a Legacy Pilot Project Grant. We received applications from 25 diverse organizations across the U.S. that represented different Asian American & Pacific Islander groups. The applications were reviewed by our 12 member Legacy Pilot Review Committee.
For its second year of funding from 2008-2009, the B Free CEED is focusing its efforts on the development of an evidence-based social marketing health communication campaign to raise awareness of hepatitis B among Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders locally and nationally. Applicants that would contribute to a social marketing campaign were given special consideration.
Year 2 Awardees
Asian American Health Coalition of Greater Houston, Inc. (AAHC-HOPE Clinic), Houston, TX
The AAHC established the HOPE Clinic in 2001 to provide culturally appropriate health services to one of the largest and fastest growing Asian populations in the United States with the goal to offer culturally and linguistically appropriate health services to Houston’s different Asian sub-groups.
Legacy Pilot Project: Reducing the Burden of Hepatitis B in the Houston Asian American Community

AAHC-HOPE Clinic proposes to build community and organizational capacity for hepatitis B education and outreach in the Asian American community in Houston, TX.  The project aims are to conduct activities to develop a comprehensive program to raise awareness about hepatitis B. Proposed activities include providing baseline data of current hepatitis B services available in Houston area, resource and needs mapping, establishing and coordinating a community and professional advisory council, and developing an action plan to reduce barriers and increase awareness of hepatitis B to the Asian American community in Houston.
Boat People SOS (BPSOS), Falls Church, VA
BPSOS is a national nonprofit, community-based organization whose mission is to assist Vietnamese refugees and immigrants in their search for a life in liberty and dignity. Since 1980, one in 10 Vietnamese Americans has received assistance from BPSOS while still in Vietnam, on the high seas, in a refugee camp, or after arriving in the United States.  Through its 14 branch offices across America, BPSOS provides a web of services to support individuals, families, and communities.
Legacy Pilot Project: Assessing Hepatitis B Awareness, Screening and Vaccination Behaviors Among Vietnamese Americans in Northern Virginia
BPSOS proposes to conduct a comprehensive hepatitis B needs assessment of the Vietnamese populations in order to identify effective means of motivating the community to adopt healthy behaviors and increase awareness of hepatitis B. The specific aims are to conduct needs assessment surveys in the local Vietnamese community and to collaboratively identify communication tools relevant to reaching this limited English proficient and low literate segment of the population.
Chang Ai Media Project (CAMP), New York, NY
CAMP is an independent, New York-based media production company that has extensively produced public-health messages in China via film, television and the Internet. CAMP created the first major AIDS public awareness campaign aired on Chinese television and is currently working with China’s Ministry of Health and other partners to develop public service announcements encouraging hepatitis B screening and vaccination.
Legacy Pilot Project: Public Service Announcement Planning to Promote Screening for Hepatitis B in New York City
CAMP proposes to guide the development of a production plan for an evidenced-based public service announcement targeted at the Chinese population in the New York City area to raise awareness of hepatitis B and to encourage individuals to be screened for the virus.
Guam Communications Network (GCN), Long Beach, CA
GCN was established in 1993 as a non-profit community-based organization committed to increasing public awareness of the issues concerning the people, island and culture of Guam through education, coalition building and advocacy. It is the sole community-based multi-service agency serving Chamorros in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Diego, and San Bernardino counties. The agency operates over twelve different cultural enrichment/ social service programs that are designed to encompass cultural promotion and preservation, health and welfare, cancer research, senior care management, and other specific public health issues.  
Legacy Pilot Project: Hepatitis B and Pacific Islanders
GCN proposes to collect survey data on three Pacific Islander subgroups including Chamorros, Samoans, and Micronesians. The aim of the surveys is to establish baseline data on the Pacific Islander community in Southern California about their knowledge, attitudes and testing behaviors on hepatitis B and to use the information to inform social marketing and educational activities to increase awareness of hepatitis B in this target population.
Korean Community Services of Metropolitan New York, Inc. (KCS), New York, NY
KCS has the mission to develop and deliver a broad range of community services to meet the various needs of the community. KCS helps low-income Korean American individuals and families to address critical needs, solve complex problems, and adapt to a new cultural, economic, and social environment.
Legacy Pilot Project: Social Marketing Evaluation and Bergen County, NJ Infrastructure Development
KCS proposes to assess and evaluate the impact of the hepatitis B social marketing campaign that they implemented by assessing the messaging, and determining the change in knowledge level of hepatitis B among the targeted Korean community. KCS will be applying lessons learned and expanding educational activities and outreach to the rapidly growing Korean population in Bergen County, NJ.
For more information on our Legacy Pilot Projects, including our Year 1 projects, please visit our Legacy Pilot Project page.