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The library compiles all the different AAPI hepatitis B resources from our partners and organizations across the U.S. Our library includes materials for health professionals and researchers, community organizations and clinics, as well as the general public, from multilingual patient brochures and videos to CME modules for physicians.

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Protecting Your Baby For Life from Hepatitis B (Vietnamese), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , (2008) Abstract    Download:  CDC_protecting_your_baby_0.pdf 
Hepatitis B & Moms-to-Be (Vietnamese), Asian Liver Center at Stanford University , (2006) Abstract
Know HBV (Vietnamese), Asian Liver Center at Stanford University , (2006) Abstract
Mommy, Baby, and Hepatitis B (Vietnamese/English), Washington State Asian Pacific Islander Hepatitis B Taskforce , (2007) Abstract
Hepatitis B: What You Need to Know (Vietnamese/English), Asian American Hepatitis B Program , (2005) Abstract
Hepatitis B Fast Facts (Vietnamese), Hepatitis B Foundation , (2010) Abstract
All Kids Need Hepatitis B Shots! (Vietnamese), Immunization Action Coalition , (2008) Abstract
Hepatitis B Shots Are Recommended for All New Babies (Vietnamese), Immunization Action Coalition , (2008) Abstract
If You, Your Parents, or Your Children Were Born in Any of These Places...(Vietnamese), Immunization Action Coalition , (2005) Abstract
Hepatitis B: What Asian Americans Need to Know (Vietnamese/English), American Liver Foundation , (2006) Abstract