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The library compiles all the different AAPI hepatitis B resources from our partners and organizations across the U.S. Our library includes materials for health professionals and researchers, community organizations and clinics, as well as the general public, from multilingual patient brochures and videos to CME modules for physicians.

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Bridging Cultural Differences to Improve HBV Treatment in Asian and Other Diverse Communities, Projects in Knowledge , (2011) Abstract
Doctors Are Making Their Mark On Hepatitis B, Gilead , (2009) Abstract
Hepatitis Web Study, Seattle STD/HIV Prevention Training Center; University of Washington , (2009) Abstract
To Arrest A Virus: Interactive Case Study Discussions on the Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis B Infection, HIVandHepatitis.com , (2009) Abstract
Prevalence and Natural History of Hepatitis B in the 21st Century, B-Smart: Hepatitis B , (2009) Abstract
Risk of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Hepatitis B and Prevention Through Treatment, B-Smart: Hepatitis B , (2009) Abstract
Understanding Cultural Barriers, B-Smart: Hepatitis B , (2009) Abstract
Hepatitis B Treatment: Current Best Practices How to Avoid Resistance, B-Smart: Hepatitis B , (2009) Abstract
Debate: Monotherapy vs. Multiple Drug Therapy as the Wave of the Future for HBV Infection, B-Smart: Hepatitis B , (2009) Abstract
HBV in Pregnancy, B-Smart: Hepatitis B , (2009) Abstract